Our Mission

At WPUG.be we’re on a mission to bring WordPress to the (Belgian) masses.

We’re striving to accomplish by organizing user group meetings. At these meetings, we’ll be presenting several sessions on WordPress. Every meeting will contain a “basic to intermediate” session and an “advanced” session. Our meetings will be held bi-monthly, though the ratio might increase over time towards a monthly meeting.

In the long run, we’re hoping to launch a new tradition in Belgium: a Belgian Wordcamp.
A Wordcamp is a conference on WordPress, which is usually a one- or two-day event.

Care to join the WPUG.be board and help us organise the next WPUG.be-meeting?
Do you have a presentation on WordPress you’d like to give at a WPUG.be-meeting?
Then contact us!

We hope to see you all very soon at a WPUG.be-event!


The WPUG.be-board.